On Wrestling with God

Wrestling with God looks like God calling us out of something in order to do His will and fulfill His plan. And the wrestling occurs because in each of us we have our own desires that want to do their own thing. When God comes along and decides that His way is best, our inner self that has yet to be fully redeemed tries to run away. But God loves us too much to let our flesh get away and continue to let it operate. So he throws us a helmet and tells us to meet Him on the mat. It’s time to fight.

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Darryl Dawson Jr.Comment

Our hostess stood to gain our attention and asked if we wanted to share our expectations for the upcoming new year. “What is your word for 2019?” Each answered something unique to them until it came to me. I hadn’t fully realized it yet but God placed the word metamorphosis on my lips.

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Seretha CollinsComment
Seen. Heard. Known.

God says He sees the people, He hears their cries and He knows their suffering... One of the most difficult aspects of suffering is feeling alone. You can be surrounded by seas of audiences, family and friends. Yet suffering has a way of making you feel isolated in a crowded room. It has a way of slowing down time and making you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t matter.

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